How Keno is Played

Keno can be a mystery to those who have never seen it played before. Understanding the game is really quite simple and it is played much like a state lottery.

How Keno Works

Keno is a game of chance where numbers are chosen by each player and the draws are then conducted randomly. Online keno is just as much fun as playing in a casino, and the game is becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers. In the keno game, players pick numbers between 1 and 80, and sticking with the same set of numbers generally improves each player's chance of winning. Even though many casinos and online rooms have various guidelines, the methods of play are basically the same.

Number Draws and Payouts

Under each host's rules, numbers are randomly drawn. Generally, 20 numbers are selected by each player, but some casinos might offer different variations, such as a 15-ball game. The odds of picking all 20 balls in a 20-draw game is extremely high, and that is why casinos offer multitudes of lower prizes. Players can also choose whether to risk getting a solid payout for numbers hit or gambling on a monster draw of hitting the majority of balls in 20 draws. Even though the house edge is often very small, keno is a game to play with caution or you will soon be out of money.

Keno is a great game to learn and the payout possibilities are numerous depending on how you wager and play. If played responsibly, keno is a game where completely random odds can realize considerable profits.

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